A Diplomatic Defeat to Israel and the Jewish Lobby

Now this is way too much to hope for. That manipulative bunch of miscreants getting payback? As always over 5,000 years. God is pissed!

Is Jewish power falling apart?

Gilad Atzmon
By gilad Atzmon
4 June 2014

Haaretz reported yesterday that India, China and Turkey called on the international community to throw its support behind the new Palestinian government. Russia followed suit several hours later. European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton also issued a statement calling the formation of the unity government "an important step" the process of Palestinian reconciliation.

Ashton said: "we welcome the appointment of a government of independent personalities and the declaration by President Abbas that this new government is committed to the principle of the two state solution based on the 1967 borders, to the recognition of Israel's legitimate right to exist, to non-violence and to the respect of previous agreements," the statement read. "The EU's engagement with the new Palestinian government will be based on its adherence to these policies and commitments."

The USA also supported the new Palestinian Government. “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took his confrontation with Washington over the new Palestinian government up a notch on Tuesday, saying he was "deeply troubled" by the United States' decision to maintain ties with the new unity government. Despite his protests, however, a groundswell of recognition for Abbas' government has rolled in from around the world.”

Speaking with the Associated Press, Netanyahu urged Washington to tell Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that his alliance with the Hamas militant group is unacceptable. I guess that no one picks BB’s phone call in Washington anymore.

It is hard to believe, but even the French Occupied Government issued a statement supporting the unity government.

It may be possible that by now, more than a few world leaders happen to identify the Jewish State and its lobby as the biggest threat to world peace.

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End Times? NWO? Or Is The US Becoming A Nation Of Psychopaths And Sociopaths As Morality Takes A Massive Hit?

Now is somebody getting it at last?

Wake Up America
By Susan Duclos
5 June 2014

Either we are becoming a nation of psychopaths and/or sociopaths, the NWO is winning in stripping us of morality or evil is peaking..... either way, the numbers [above] do not bode well for humanity as a whole.

A May 8-11, 2014 survey, chart [above], shows that morality in the US has taken a massive hit, where what used to be considered wrong and abhorrent is now considered "morally acceptable."

  • Some issues, such as affairs and cloning humans, are still considered unacceptable, but even those areas are gaining traction and have a higher rate of moral acceptability than in past years.

  • Surprisingly, barely half of respondents said gay or lesbian relations were morally acceptable, but that rate is still a record high for the issue.

There is no doubt when looking at this survey that times have changed, opinions are different and things once considered taboo are no longer seen in that light, so the question becomes why?

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Ape With AK-47

Any chance we can slip a few into Congress?

Submitted by P.

Rebellion Against Obama | Members refused NATO bases on its territory

First the French say business comes first with delivery of the Mistral boat to Russia over politics. Now the Czechs and Slovaks show their reluctance of receiving foreign troops.

A rekindling of the Cold War, no thanks.

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

By Z. Stupar
5 June 2014

translated from Croatian

Czechs and Slovaks their reluctance receiving foreign troops are based on experience with the forces of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968th year

Slovakia and the Czech Republic have rejected U.S. President Barack Obama to build on its territory the NATO bases. Obama's proposal, made in Warsaw, during his European tour, during which he spoke with him briefly and Croatian President Ivo Josipovic.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said that his country is ready to fulfill its obligations as a member of NATO, but that receiving foreign troops on the territory of his country beyond debate and that "can not imagine foreign troops on the territory as a base of some sort." His Czech counterpart, Bohuslav Sobotka on Tuesday said something similar. Czechs and Slovaks their reluctance receiving foreign troops are based on experience with the forces of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968th year.

- We know what the problem is the constant presence of troops. I belong to the generation that experienced the presence of 80,000 Soviet soldiers during the period of "normalization" after the 1968th, which is still a psychological problem - said Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropinsky Reuters in an interview.

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The awful truth about Obama beginning to dawn on his allies

No one wants this reverse US invasion of Europe. No one. Clean up America and Butt out.

It was bound to happen both at home and abroad.

American Thinker
By Thomas Lifson
5 June 2014

It’s finally happening! Libs are starting to realize that the manufactured image of Barack Obama as a brilliant, capable executive is hooey, and that they have bought into an incompetent who threatens to sink them. Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post doesn’t quite put it in those terms, of course, but you don’t have to read between the lines too closely to come up with that interpretation of his piece entitled, “Americans are starting to doubt President Obama is a good boss.”

The current scandal engulfing the VA is the latest example of competence questions surrounding this White House, but they include everything from the rollout of HealthCare.gov to the targeting of tea party groups by a Cincinnati IRS office. While none of these problems are easily tied directly to a decision Obama made (or didn't make), they have all eroded the public's faith that he knows what he's doing.

"I think there is an increasing appetite and desire for just fundamental competence and accountability," said Republican media consultant Mark McKinnon. "A steady hand on the wheel. Or even a shaky hand on the wheel. Just find the wheel."

The collapse is striking. (snip)

Obama's numbers on competence are already low enough to trouble many party strategists charged with electing (or reelecting) Democrats to the Senate and the House. In conversations over the past several weeks with these folks, it's become clear that worries over Obamacare specifically have given way to a broader concern that the combination of the pained rollout of HealthCare.gov, coupled with the problems at the VA and other motivators of the Republican base (IRS, Benghazi), could combine into a toxic "This guy (and his party) don't know what they're doing" message this fall.

Ya think?

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Karzai fumes at US, Taliban clandestine prisoner deal

The tragic truth of misguided US foreign policy again comes home to roost. One wonders whether the death and maiming of our soldiers and innocent civilian casualties was worth it, in light of the reality that even puppet leaders of American policy are rejecting Washington and WH policy.

At the beginning of the US re-institution of opium production in Afghanistan, Karzai was their asset.

Then, with time, he understood that, at the end, everyone dies, and no one wins. An ugly, drug fueled
betrayal of humanity and allies trust again.

Drugs, lies, rotten Bankers and Skidrow Agency Bums at work.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai gestures as he attends the opening ceremony of a private media company in Kabul on January 21, 2014.

2 June 2014

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is furious at being kept in the dark over a secret deal to free five Taliban leaders in exchange for a captured US soldier, a senior source said on Monday.

The five prisoners were transferred to Qatar on Sunday as part of a secret deal to free Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, held captive in Afghanistan for five years.

An unnamed senior source at Karzai’s palace in Kabul said on Monday that the Afghan president, who was being kept in the dark over the deal, accuses Washington of failing to back a peace plan for his country.

“The president is now even more distrustful of US intentions in the country,” the source said, adding, “He is asking: How come the prisoner exchange worked out so well, when the Afghan peace process failed to make any significant progress?”

Karzai has backed negotiations with the Taliban, but they have come to little so far.

President Karzai is concerned about further agreements being reached behind his back, the palace official added.

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Russia’s Gazprom part of secretive natural gas group within UN European unit

Gazprom are deeply entrenched in the Real World of EU nations policies. Facing no Gas, you think the Europeans will rally behind the Washington line to veto their major energy supplier? Lobotomies all round. Another loss looming for Washington.

Alexey Miller, CEO of the Russian energy supplier Gazprom, listens during a press conference as part of a meeting of the European Union energy commissioner Guenther Oettinger Russia's energy minister Alexander Novak and Ukraine's energy minister Yuri Prodan in Berlin, Friday, May 30, 2014. 
(AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

Fox News
By George Russell
4 June 2014

EXCLUSIVE: The Russian natural gas company Gazprom, which supplies much of Europe’s gas imports, is at the center of a secretive cabal of mostly state-owned natural gas companies that has been operating for two decades under the aegis of the United Nations, according to a first-ever audit of the operation obtained by Fox News.

Even though it is a U.N. entity, the group, known simply as the Gas Centre, runs on a budget funded by its corporate members. Its supervisory Executive Board has never been approved by the U.N. agency of which it is nominally a part, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, or UNECE. The group’s priorities, and its detailed budget, likewise manage to stay below the U.N.’s supervisory radar.

According to the U.N., the Gas Centre’s mandate is purely technical, and related to issues of gas contract methodology, collection of statistical databases, and the promotion and facilitation of foreign investment in the industry.

But in fact its mandate, as gleaned from U.N. documents examined by Fox News, includes the creation and maintenance of a “dialogue” on such issues as “the restructuring and consolidation of the gas sector, facilitation of “the integration of natural gas industries in Europe through greater convergence and harmonization of norms and practices,” and “know-how on legal and regulatory matters [and] gas market liberalization.”

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Only government could turn such an asset into a money loosing liability

Just why does the system allow such inept weasels as Washington to meddle in Commercial Gratification? Read Graft!

Submitted by P.

Chart #1

Land & Livestock International, Inc.
4 June 2014

via the American Lands Council

In March 2013 the State Legislature of Nevada passed A.B. 227 which created the Nevada Land Management Task Force with one county commissioner from each Nevada county to “conduct a study addressing the transfer of public lands in Nevada.” Since then, the task force has been researching the feasibility of a transfer of land, the different methods by which it could be done, and the costs and benefits of such a transfer.

On April 24, 2014 the Task Force presented their Preliminary Draft Report and the numbers were staggering! Assuming that all BLM land within Nevada was transferred to the state, Nevada could expect a net revenue of $371,755,303 – $1,579,721,112 (as seen in Chart #1 above). That last number isn’t a typo: it is in fact over $1.5 BILLION! Just imagine what that kind of net revenue would do for local and national economies.

In contrast: Chart #2 (below) illustrates the revenue of the BLM from 2008-2012 (from the Task Force Preliminary Draft Report, 2014). After a quick look you will see that the net revenue for the BLM in Nevada is a LOSS of just over $31 million. Crazy.

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Renminbi use surges in home of US dollar

The dollar is being bombed out of market share even now.

Can there be any doubt that a serious rethink of policy is required in light of shifting sands. A new reality check is needed before the markets deliver their conclusion and the people wake up to a new reality.

Financial Times
By James Kynge
4 June 2014

It is the monetary equivalent of what Chairman Mao called “bombarding the headquarters”. China’s renminbi is rapidly displacing the US dollar as a trading currency not only in Asia and Europe but now also in the US home market.

The value of renminbi payments between the US and the rest of the world rose by 327 per cent in April this year from the same month a year ago (see chart) as more US corporations switched to using the Chinese currency to pay for imports from China, according to data from SWIFT, the international currency settlement firm.

The reasons driving the upsurge are structural and long-term, said Debra Lodge, a managing director at HSBC in New York.

First, US importers can slash the cost of imports from China by agreeing to trade in renminbi rather than US dollars, Lodge said. Second, a recent surge in the popularity of a host of renminbi-denominated financial market instruments are making it easier for US corporates both to hedge currency risk and to earn an investment return from the renminbi they hold.As the chart above shows, the absolute size of renminbi settlement between the US and China is far less impressive than the growth rate. Just 2.4 per cent of payments between the US and China/Hong Kong were settled in renminbi in April this year, up from 0.7 per cent in April 2013.

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This New Libor 'Scandal' Will Cause A Terrifying Financial Crisis

Now just remember that Derivatives are a Zero Sum game. For every winner there is a Loser. The bigger the wins based on pure gambles, the bigger the losses. Start to tamper with Libor, and you unleash free every scheming Gypsies Dog to Racketeer for fast bucks. Opening it up to cross nations will unleash new scams in a vortex of trouble.

This is now becoming new, uncharted territory.

The bubble game following behind with these scheming Mongrels will sweep many balance sheets into trouble.

The City of London financial center, where the Libor rate is determined each day. Photo credit: Wikipedia

By Jesse Colombo
3 June 2014

Two years ago, a major scandal rocked the world after it was revealed that big international banks had long been manipulating the Libor interest rates to fraudulently boost their profits. As outrageous as the Libor rate-fixing scandal was, it pales in comparison to another Libor “scandal” that is occurring at this very moment, but has received virtually none of the attention that it rightfully deserves. The ultimate fallout of this much larger, little-known Libor “scandal” will be nothing less than an international financial crisis.

The next two sections explain the basics of Libor and the rate-fixing scandal, but can be skipped for those who are already familiar with it.

What Is Libor?

“Libor” is an acronym that stands for “London Interbank Offered Rate,” which is a benchmark interest rate that is derived from the rates that major banks charge each other for loans in the London interbank market. Each day at 11:30 am London time, banks report their estimated borrowing costs to Thomson Reuters, which publishes the average of these estimates in the form of the Libor benchmark interest rate. The Libor is calculated for five different currencies and seven different maturities up to one year.

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‘Russian troops in Ukraine? Got any proof?' Putin's best quotes from French media talk

The ridiculous sideshow rambles on.

Given the documented history of Kerry and Obama lying about Sarin gas in Syria, their credibility is stretched in trying to posture Russia as the evil empire, with no proof but their lips moving in lies this time, no different than before.

Why not ask why Nuland chose to spend $5 billion to create this chaos in the Ukraine?

Clearly, some Americans still drink the Koolaid but most are seeing through the lies. Caught on multiple lies, the lies catch less and less believers, until there are none.

4 June 2014

Vladimir Putin faced a barrage of tricky questions from French media ahead of his meeting with world leaders at the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings. Here are his best replies on key issues: Ukraine, Crimea and relations with the US.

On Ukraine, its sovereignty and Russian troops:

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has been occupying the center of international attention since the end of last year. While the coup-appointed government in Kiev is carrying out a military crackdown on the southeast of the country, the US said that Russian troops are allegedly involved in the crisis and they have proof of that.

“What about proof? Why don’t they show it?” Putin told French media.

“The entire world remembers the US Secretary of State demonstrating the evidence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, waving around some test tube with washing powder in the UN Security Council. Eventually, the US troops invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein was hanged and later it turned out there had never been any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You know – it’s one thing to say things and another to actually have evidence.”

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The American Dream is out of reach

Well not for Obama it isn't. For him every day is Christmas. For the Political Con Man of the Century, every year he scams Billions with no sign of arrest or Justice in sight. What a travesty.

Very sad to see as the consequences of this being a global impression are huge.

The American Dream is impossible to achieve in this country

CNN Money
By Tami Luhby
4 June 2014

So say nearly 6 in 10 people who responded to CNNMoney's American Dream Poll, conducted by ORC International. They feel the dream -- however they define it -- is out of reach.

Young adults, age 18 to 34, are most likely to feel the dream is unattainable, with 63% saying it's impossible. This age group has suffered in the wake of the Great Recession, finding it hard to get good jobs.

Younger Americans are a cause of great concern. Many respondents said they are worried about the next generation's ability to prosper.

Some 63% of all Americans said most children in the U.S. won't be better off than their parents. This dour view comes despite most respondents, 54%, feeling they are better off than their own parents.